Workplace Services

Worksite Services

Over many years, our team has gained invaluable experience in the prevention and management of workplace injuries. This may include onsite ergonomic assessments, job task analyses, manual handling presentations, pre-employment assessment screening, and injury management co-ordination with employers. We offer these services to local companies and employees, and also have close working relationships with both WA state and nationwide service providers.

Pre-Employment Screening

For many years now Belmont City Physiotherapy Clinic has worked with industry leading organisations to provide the best quality pre-employment screening available.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the provision of occupational health services and solutions, working closely with nationwide companies as a provider for their screening requirements and patient care. We assist in building healthy and resilient workforces by providing holistic occupational health services that are backed by industry leading quality control, technology and software systems. These services include injury prevention solutions, physiotherapy, pre-employment screening, health assessments, mental health and wellbeing programs, safety consulting and training. 

We offer pre-employment screening services here onsite in our clinic. Typical assessments include musculoskeletal screening, drug and alcohol testing, hearing and vision assessment, manual handling capacity evaluation and other general health checks.

‘VIP’ Physiotherapy Support

By partnering with nationally based companies in the Occupational Health field, we are able to offer speedy appointments to injured workers whose companies are aligned with their onsite services. This ensures early and effective management of any acute injury concerns as well as direct communication between our Physiotherapists and the employee’s company and medical team on the nature and extent of their injury and an appropriate way to manage it. 

Onsite Services

Our Physiotherapists are experienced in conducting workplace and ergonomic evaluations for a variety of roles, our focus being on injury prevention and the mitigation of typical workplace health and safety risks. These services may include job task analysis, onsite manual handling training and workplace assessment in the context of the rehabilitation of an injured worker. For more information on any of our workplace services, please call us directly at the clinic and ask to speak to Ed who will be happy to discuss your needs.