Clinical Exercise Classes

Covid-19 Update to our Clinical Exercise Class Timetable:

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking direction from both State and Federal Health advisories and following appropriate social distancing measures. The number of participants in our Clinical Exercise sessions may therefore vary in accordance with that advice and the degree of public health restrictions dictated to us. At times, this may even mean that we only run 'one on one' sessions with your Physiotherapist if group exercise is prohibited. For now, we are ecstatic in saying that our classes are currently running as per normal, hooray!

Our equipment is routinely sanitised between uses for the safety of all of our patients, with hygiene and cleanliness our first priority.

You Know It's Time To Take Control!

Our Clinical Exercise Classes are a fantastic way to help you actively get over your injuries and conquer all those niggles and aches that life throws your way! Your program is tailored to address your health issues specifically, with everyone being individually assessed prior to joining. Class groups are small and directly supervised by a qualified Physiotherapist, ensuring that your program is optimised for your needs, and above all, remains safe. This ‘clinical’ difference is the key. If you are tired of being just one of twenty or more in a floor class at the gym, or scared of exercising out of fear of injury, then our classes may be your answer!

What sort of Classes are they?

We combine many elements of Pilates based programs with low impact resistance training. balance and positional awareness routines, and exercises that focus on your flexibility and postural control. Our Studio Gym has a wide variety of different machines to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals and the watchful eyes of our Physios ensure that you are staying on track and focused. Best of all, you may be able to claim some of the cost of your exercise sessions through your private health insurance!

If you have been to our classes before and are wanting to book in, click here.

We require all patients to undergo an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists prior to starting in our Exercise Classes. Please speak to your Physio about this during your treatment time, or if you would simply like to book in for an assessment with us you are certainly welcome! Click here.

The Benefits

  • Correction of Poor Body Mechanics
  • Improve your flexibility and postural control
  • Improved trunk stability and abdominal tone
  • Enhanced breathing control
  • Improve your general fitness, body shape, and overall tone
  • Safe and Effective Injury Management
  • Identification of specific injury causes, matched with targeted treatment
  • Ideal for back & pelvic pain, shoulder, lower limb, head & neck symptoms
  • Treatment uses current research and is evidence based

What We Offer

  • Our classes are fun, engaging and targeted to your needs. Our highly trained Physiotherapists draw on the principles of a variety of exercise concepts and blend them with the latest evidence based research on injury rehabilitation and prevention. They incorporate a mix of Clinical Pilates using specialised equipment, resistance training, flexibility work and postural retraining to sharply focus the rehabilitation of your injuries. Our Physios will mix it up, get you on track, keep you there, and make sure you reach your goals.
  • Directly supervised by an experienced Physiotherapist, our classes provide specifically targeted programs, focusing on your recovery and building the strength of your weak spots! Whether you suffer from spinal problems, generalised weakness and deconditioning, or an issue relating to a specific injury, our Physios can help you actively recover. Sessions are low impact to reduce stress on injured and healing structures, your postural alignment is enhanced and muscle balance is optimised.
  • Belmont City Physiotherapy utilises specialised Pilates equipment such as Reformer beds, the Wunda chair, the Cadillac, barrel arcs and fit-balls as well as conventional gym equipment to help target your areas of weakness. Our class sizes are limited to ensure you get detailed and appropriate supervision and feedback.
  • Because Physiotherapists are extensively trained to understand the nature of injuries and musculoskeletal pathology, we can provide you with the safest and most effective exercise techniques to address your problem areas. Injuries and pain alter your muscle function and timing, leading to poor movement patterns and faulty postural adaptations. Within the classes, we provide a closely monitored and progressive environment to advance your program as your competency and familiarity with it improves.
  • Our classes are also a recognised treatment with Private Health Insurers, meaning you are able to claim a rebate on the cost of classes. This helps make our classes a very individualised treatment service that is enjoyable, challenging, and also affordable.

"Are the classes suitable for me during pregnancy?"

  • Pregnancy imposes massive change on a woman’s body; our classes can help you through the ante- and post-natal time safely and prepare you for some of the physical challenges that lie ahead.
  • Pilates based exercises are a fantastic and safe way of maintaining your fitness and strength during pregnancy, and will also help you get back in shape once your baby is born.
  • Becoming a new Mum (and even being a veteran at it) can be tough. From frequently bending to pick up your child, to lugging car seats and shopping bags around, the endless clean up of toys around the house, and even the positional stresses of breast feeding can all place a great deal of strain on your spine and postural muscles.
  • Because our classes are directly supervised by fully qualified Physiotherapists (many of whom have a particular interest in pregnancy and womens' health issues), they can be a fun and safe way to build and maintain your fitness as your body changes! Please speak to our Women's Health Physio if you have any queries or concerns.

While you are Pregnant

  • Our Exercise Classes will help you achieve a number of goals whilst you are pregnant. They will assist in strengthening the abdominal, lower back and trunk muscles, making it easier for you to maintain function and recover from childbirth. Clinical Pilates based programs help specifically tone and improve flexibility in a low impact manner, thereby reducing your risk of lower back injury. Improving your muscle tone during pregnancy will help you regain your figure more quickly once the baby is born, but more importantly prepare you for the rigours of looking after a young family.
  • Our Physio supervised classes help improve body awareness, efficiency of movement, relaxation, and breathing effectiveness, all skills that are important elements of childbirth. Your balance and coordination will also be addressed, things you may start to miss as your baby belly gets bigger!


  • The constant weight bearing stress of pregnancy can leave your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles weak, and placing strain on spinal and pelvic structures. A consequence of this can be the development of back and pelvic girdle pain, along with other issues such as incontinence.
  • We offer a specific Women’s Health Service in our clinic to help you with these problems.
  • The right kind of focused exercise can speed up your post-partum recovery, and successfully rehabilitate you after the birth of your child. It’s an awesome bonus that it will also give you a slimmer, stronger body and get you ready to tackle motherhood!