We offer a timetable of Clinical Exercise Classes that spans different times of the day, 6 days a week including Saturday mornings. Our exercise classes are held here onsite in our studio gymnasium and incorporate elements of equipment based Pilates, resistance training, balance and postural awareness. Our focus is on YOU and the successful rehabilitation of your injuries, as well as the longer term building of your fitness and strength.

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You know it's time ...

Our Clinical Exercise Classes are a fantastic way to help you actively get over your injuries and conquer all those niggles and aches that life throws your way!

The Benefits

  • Correction of Poor Body Mechanics
  • Improve your flexibility and postural control
  • Improved trunk stability and abdominal tone
  • Enhanced breathing control
  • Improve your general fitness, body shape, and overall tone
  • Safe and Effective Injury Management
  • Identification of specific injury causes, matched with targeted treatment
  • Ideal for back & pelvic pain, shoulder, lower limb, head & neck symptoms
  • Treatment uses current research and is evidence based


Movement and exercise in the water is a fantastic way of improving your range of movement and early stage strength.