Neck Pain

Neck pain is extremely common and so is one of the conditions we see the most at Belmont City Physio. Whether its from working long hours in front of your PC, a car accident, or you simply woke up with a kink in your neck, there's a very high chance we can help you get back on track fast.


  • Neck pain means you have arthritis or have damaged something in your neck.
  • ‘My joints are out of alignment and they need to be cracked back in’.
  • Moving your neck when it is sore will make it worse.
  • My knees are making noises and crackling so I must have arthritis.


  • Neck pain is common and most of the time there is no damage to the spinal structures.
  • Strengthening and stretching of the muscles of the neck and shoulder region goes a long way towards normalising movement and improving your pain.
  • There are many sources of neck pain: strains, tension, stress, postural loading, even poor or fitful sleep!
  • Scans are usually unnecessary, but we will guide you appropriately if they are. Scans often reveal findings like degenerative changes and disc bulges that are ‘normal’ with age, completely asymptomatic and unrelated to the pain you may be experiencing.

How can the team at Belmont City Physiotherapy help you?

  • We can diagnose the cause of your pain, implement appropriate treatment, and determine whether you need further investigations
  • In most cases we can set you a specific program to get you strong, in control of your pain and back to the activities you enjoy.