Sporting Injuries

Sporting Injuries

We like to think of everyone as an ‘athlete’…some are just more committed than others! Unfortunately, strains and sprains can go hand in hand with activity, so when the pain of injury strikes, we are here to help.

Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals with detailed knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. We can accurately identify the source of your pain, manage it appropriately, and most importantly steer you in the right direction to minimise the chances of recurrence.

Whether you are a part-time runner with shin splints, an elite swimmer with shoulder issues, or an ‘armchair athlete’ with a sore thumb from the remote control, chances are we can help get you quickly back doing more of what you do best!

Sporting injuries can present in many ways. From strains due poor preparation and under conditioning, to overuse syndromes from training too much, and acute injuries that are simply unavoidable because of game intensity, Physiotherapists are considered the leading health professionals to both diagnose and rehabilitate sporting injuries.

At Belmont City Physiotherapy Clinic, all of our therapists either actively participate in sport themselves or have been involved in injury management of sporting injuries at either an amateur or professional level. You can be sure that you are in capable hands when seeing any of our staff, and our focus on teamwork also means complicated cases are reviewed frequently by more than one Physio to ensure your rehab remains on track!