Sports Injuries

Involvement in sports is great for the mind, body and soul. But, sometimes things don't quite go to plan and when injuries strike it can be depressing, painful, and demoralising. Luckily, we are here to help! Our Physios all lead healthy and active lifestyles, and totally understand the impact that sporting injuries can have on you. We may be experts on the physical rehabilitation of injuries, but our own sporting involvement and interests give us a unique perspective on managing your issues holistically. We will structure your recovery to maintain your fitness during down times, bolster your motivation with goal setting and targets to achieve, and help you see the 'bigger picture' so that you can get back to doing what you love ASAP!


  • Sporting injuries mean you have to stop all other activity
  • ‘My body will fix itself, I just need to rest’
  • You need to get scans done when you injure yourself playing sport.
  • Cortisone injections fix everything.


  • Some injuries are minor, others significant. Physiotherapists can tell the difference and advise you accordingly.
  • Some traumatic injuries may require scans and/or specialist referral. Damage to ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones occurs in a spectrum; most will recover well with Physiotherapy management but more serious injuries may require specialist opinion.
  • Scans are usually only needed if you have had a traumatic injury or are not progressing with conservative treatment in an appropriate time frame.
  • Gentle strengthening exercise, targeted treatment, and medications can all assist in reducing injury pain and improving function.

How can the team at Belmont City Physiotherapy help you?

  • We can diagnose the cause of your pain, implement appropriate treatment, and determine whether you need further investigations
  • In most cases we can set you a specific program to get you strong and back to the activities you enjoy, including an optimised return to your chosen sport.
  • We can develop a home based, gym or Clinical Pilates program to help you gain control of your problem.
  • We will communicate with your GP or medical specialist as needed.
  • We can look after your needs post operatively should surgery be required.