Work Injuries

Have you been injured at work?

Injuries in the workplace are unfortunately a real problem for many Australians. Fortunately, we can help (at least with some types of problems)! From slips and trips, to spills and falls, from muscle and soft tissue strains, to neck and back and other sprains...Physiotherapy is the treatment of choice for most of these injuries.

'I hurt myself at work, now what do I do?'

It is a legal requirement for every employer to carry Workers Compensation Insurance. If you injure yourself at work, you should immediately report the incident to your manager and/or employer. Some pro-active employers may then refer you directly to us for treatment as a means of 'early intervention' because they recognise that prompt Physiotherapy intervention can be highly effective.

Following injury, consulting a doctor is usually the next step, and please note that to access Physiotherapy treatment under Workers' Compensation Insurance, you must obtain a valid medical certificate from them along with a referral to us. Your employer should then process your claim with their insurer and you will receive a claim number from them. This enables us to bill the insurance company directly for the costs of your treatment and takes all the stress off you. All of this usually happens within a number of days. Easy!

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatment will obviously vary significantly with your type of injury, its severity and complexity. Our team is very experienced in a massive range of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from simple aches and pains to complicated multi-traumas and orthopaedic injuries.

  • Our Physiotherapists are highly trained health practitioners who understand the pathology of musculo-skeletal trauma. They assist with the specific diagnosis of problems, and apply the principles of evidence based treatment techniques in order to help you regain your normal function following a workplace accident. We will liaise regularly with your GP or medical specialist to ensure you are receiving the treatment that is most appropriate to your condition.
  • Advice and education on posture, stretching, appropriate exercise programs and their intensity, as well as proactive guidelines to help you take control of your own recovery.
  • Exercise and physical rehabilitation programs in the form of hydrotherapy, gym, supervised Pilates sessions or a combination of all these are part of our service, with much of this being possible in our onsite gym and Pilates studio.