Hydrotherapy is essentially exercise rehabilitation...in the water!

Movement and exercise in the water is a fantastic way of improving your range of movement and early stage strength. Water provides buoyancy assistance to injured limbs, making it easier to move and regain function after injury or surgery. Our Physios conduct weekly small group hydrotherapy classes for our patients at an offsite facility (please note we DON'T have a pool within our clinic itself). Other advantages of aquatic therapy include weight reduction on injured structures, balance and proprioception improvement, and often a reduction in swelling due to hydrostatic pressure. Progression on to our Pilates and Gym based classes is then recommended once you are fit enough to be able. If you would like to learn more, please call us at the clinic.

If you have been injured at work and require a program of hydrotherapy, we will apply to your insurer for approval and funding.

Note: Hydrotherapy is by appointment. These sessions are run offsite at a local Aquatic Centre as we do not have our own pool on the premises. For more information speak to your treating Physiotherapist.