Knee Pain

There are many causes of knee pain, from acute sporting injuries to degenerative conditions and more. Our Physiotherapists are skilled in diagnosing the source of knee pain and can develop a treatment plan to help you recover and minimise your down time. With the right advice and expertise, many forms of knee pain can be resolved fully and the risk of re-injury reduced significantly.

We take the time to examine the underlying causes of your problem. It is one thing to simply treat your injury and make you pain free, but what about the longer term? Injury prevention and managing your functional strength so that your pain doesn't ever return is the primary goal for us, so a big part of your treatment will include education and pro-active advice on what you can do to help yourself. Knowledge is power and we firmly believe in empowering our patients to achieve their best.


  • Knee pain means I’ve got arthritis or torn a cruciate ligament.
  • Pain with exercise means I should stop doing it.
  • If I keep exercising a painful knee, the problem will get worse.
  • My knees are making noises and crackling so I must have arthritis.


  • Knee pain is common without any damage to the joint.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the knee goes a long way to remedying many forms of knee pain.
  • There are many sources of knee pain, some arising from inside the joint, others from structures that surround the joint.
  • Scans are usually only needed if you have had a traumatic injury or are not progressing with conservative treatment in an appropriate time frame.
  • Noise from the knees is not necessarily a problem and will often improve with treatment and exercise.

How can the team at Belmont City Physiotherapy help you?

  • We can diagnose the cause of your pain, implement appropriate treatment, and determine whether you need further investigations
  • In most cases we can set you a specific program to get you strong, in control of your pain and back to the activities you enjoy.
  • We can develop a home based, gym or Clinical Pilates program to help you gain control of your problem.
  • We can communicate with your GP or medical specialist as required.
  • We can look after your needs post operatively should surgery be required.