Covid-19 Update

(Updated December 13th, 2021)

Update December 13th, 2021

As per usual, WA is doing great! Our vaccine rollout has just hit 80% double dosed and 90%+ single dosed as we type this, and our Premier has just announced the 'roadmap' going forward for when our borders will re-open for travellers. As always, we will be guided by Government Health advice as the proposed date of February 5th approaches.

Here in the West, we have been both lucky and well managed which is a reflection of our location, isolation, and also our cautious attitudes and respect for health advice. Now is not the time to stall; we need to get the maximum % possible of our population vaccinated.

Having more and more of our population vaccinated will dramatically lessen the impact of Covid here in Australia and go a long way towards avoiding the need for further lockdowns and all of the lifestyle and economic implications they carry. We cannot tell you what to do in terms of vaccination, it is your own personal choice. But we can urge you to do your own research from quality sources such as the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Federal Health Department. Unfortunately, media outlets often dramatise and sensationalise negative stories and statistics in order to sell air time, amplifying concerns over the risk involved with vaccinations in ways that are out of proportion with the facts. Likewise, social media presents a lot of misinformation and wrongly skews people's opinions. Please, respect the science. And please, take your advice from quality, medical sources (not Tiktok, not Insta-bloggers, and not conspiracy theorists). Please go and have the vaccination sooner rather than later if you are choosing to do so...don't wait for the next outbreak to occur.

Abroad, our hearts still go out to countries overseas that have been more heavily impacted than us. Some nations have been hit hard indeed, but it would seem at this stage that across the globe, the outlook is more positive than it was just a short while ago.

We remain operating as normal, adhering to all the highest levels of hygiene and patient safety possible. We continue to ask that if you have any cold or flu like symptoms that you reschedule your appointment with us for a time when you are feeling better. We are always conscious of the safety and wellbeing of other patients and our own staff, and simply request that you do the same. We will keep you updated as time passes and if any instructions we receive change over time.

Lastly, a HUGE 'thank you' to the friends and patients of our clinic for supporting us so far over the last 18 months. You have been a fantastic inspiration to all of us, and we hope to repay that favour as much as we can into the future.

Belmont City Physiotherapy Clinic is open.

Private Physiotherapy services remain OPEN for clinical treatments as dictated by the Federal Government. It has specifically identified Physiotherapy and other professional Allied Health Services as essential in the current climate. Such services lessen the burden on the Public Health System and help to maintain and improve the physical and mental well being of everyone.

Belmont City Physiotherapy Clinic will continue to provide in-person consultations for clients. Appointments will continue as normal, with all infection and social distancing controls applied. Our group Clinical Exercise sessions will change in line with Government advice.

Please be assured, our patients' health is our top priority. The incidence of Covid-19 in Perth is extremely low, however we are taking the necessary steps to reduce the potential for spread and we continue to closely monitor developments and the advice from the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the State and Federal Health Departments.

What are we doing to help keep YOU safe?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is the largest global health issue of our lifetimes, so I would like to take this opportunity to reassure our clients of our hygiene procedures for staff and patients of Belmont City Physiotherapy Clinic.

Our clinic maintains the standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

        • We review Government and APA guidelines and recommendations every day.

        • Treatment rooms, beds and equipment are wiped down between uses to maintain hygiene.

        • Individual head sheets are used with every appointment.

        • All of our staff are health screened daily.

        • All of our patients are health screened prior to attending.

        • Hand sanitiser is available to patients and staff in EVERY room of the clinic.

        • Our clinic has moved to a minimal linen policy.

        • Our waiting room layout has been modified to allow for social distancing.

        • Staff are focused on extremely high levels of personal hygiene and hand sanitation protocols have been in place for many years as a standard part of our professional practice.

        • You can rest assured that our standards meet and exceed those recommended by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Some Precautions before you see us...

If you have recently returned from overseas or have been in contact with a known or suspected carrier of Covid-19, you MUST self-isolate for 14 days.

For the safety of others, we ask you not to attend your appointment if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, particularly fever, runny nose, sweating, coughing, difficulty breathing and sneezing. Please ring our clinic on 9477 4811 to reschedule and we will happily see you again when you are well!

We are grateful for everyone’s continued practice of proper hand hygiene, washing with soap and water or hand sanitiser before and after using our facilities. We have hand sanitiser located throughout the clinic so please feel free to use this as you check in for your appointment.

We ask that all clients attending for exercise rehabilitation bring their own clean towel. You are also welcome to bring the same for standard treatment sessions. Please remember to wear your Pilates socks during classes. Our exercise equipment is wiped down between sessions and as per best practice protocols.