Clinical Pilates

The Benefits
  Correction of Poor Body Mechanics
  Improve your flexibility and postural control
  Improved trunk stability and abdominal tone
  Enhanced breathing control
  Improve your general fitness, body shape, and overall tone
  Safe and Effective Injury Management
  Identification of specific injury causes, matched with targeted treatment
  Ideal for back & pelvic pain, shoulder, head & neck symptoms
  Treatment uses current research and is evidence based

What We Offer Because it is a low impact form of exercise, Pilates is ideal for the physical treatment and rehabilitation of many injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. It is particularly useful in the treatment of spinal problems; by strengthening your trunk musculature, impact stresses on the spine are reduced, postural alignment is enhanced and muscle balance is optimised.

Our specifically trained Physiotherapists have taken the principles of Pilates and combined them with the latest evidence based research on injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Belmont City Physiotherapy utilises specialised Pilates equipment such as Reformer beds, the Wunda chair, barrel arcs and fit-balls to help target your areas of weakness, and our class sizes are limited to no more than 3-4 people to ensure you get detailed and appropriate supervision and feedback.

Because Physiotherapists are extensively trained to understand the nature of injuries and musculo-skeletal pathology, we can provide you with the safest and most effective exercise techniques to focus directly on your problem areas. Injuries and pain alter your muscle function and timing, leading to poor movement patterns and postural adaptations. With the classes run here in the clinic, we provide a closely monitored and progressive environment to advance your exercises as your competency and familiarity with the Pilates concept improves.

Clinical Pilates is also a recognised treatment with private Health Insurers, meaning you are able to claim a rebate on the cost of classes. This helps make our Clinical Pilates classes a very individualised treatment service that is enjoyable, challenging and also affordable.


Clinical Pilates for Pregnancy

The Benefits Pilates is a fantastic and safe way of maintaining your fitness and strength during pregnancy, and will also help you get back in shape once your baby is born.

Becoming a new Mum (and even being a veteran at it) presents a lot of physical challenges. From frequently bending to pick up your child, to lugging car seats and shopping bags around, the endless clean up of toys around the house, and even the positional stresses of breast feeding can all place a great deal of strain on your spine and postural muscles.

While You are Pregnant

Pilates will help you achieve a number of goals whilst you are pregnant:

It strengthens the abdominal, lower back and trunk muscles, making it easier for you to maintain functional strength, and to recover from childbirth. Pilates helps to very specifically develop your overall strength and flexibility in a low impact manner, thereby reducing your risk of lower back injury. Improving your muscle tone during pregnancy will help you regain your figure more quickly once the baby is born, but most importantly it helps prepare you for the rigours of looking after a young family.

A focus of Pilates is promoting a sense of body awareness, efficiency of movement, relaxation, and breathing effectiveness, all skills that are important elements of childbirth. Your balance and coordination will also be addressed, things you may start to miss as your baby belly gets bigger!

Post-Natal Pilates The constant weight bearing stress of pregnancy can leave your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles weak, leading to back pain and other problems such as incontinence.

Pilates can speed up your post-partum recovery, give you a slimmer, stronger body and get you ready to tackle the physical demands of motherhood.